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International Books 4 Kids

International Books for Kids Project Started in 2003 by Bill Senna and Rich Neufeld and taken on in 2004 by the Five Cities Optimist Club contact Bill Senna at 481-5066.

Project Summary:

Packing, shipping and delivering books to schools, orphanages and libraries in rural areas of the Philippines.

Why this project is important:

Positive use of books destined for recycling
Helping break the chain of poverty overseas through education of Children, focusing on rural areas
Helping International relations
Making friends
The main goal of Optimists is: “Bringing out the best in Children”

What We Did Oct ‘06-Oct’07

Collected & Stored books
Sorted & packed books
Shipped 312 boxes at 250 pounds each = 78,000 pounds
Helped with distribution in the Philippines